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Merchant Boost

Merchant Boost

  • Dedicated payment page
  • Manage the page from your dashboard
  • Change/Add banner image
  • Customized payment form
  • Connect your PayPal account
  • Customers enter their own ammount they are paying you

  • Email associated with your Essential plan
  • You are choosing to order the Merchant Boost. We will enable it for your account and your credit card will be charged $100 one-time setup fee + $35 per month recurring fee..

Facebook Boost

Once someone opens the email, they view YOUR CUSTOM AD 5 TIMES on Facebook - appearing in their Facebook timeline feed.

Based on an average 10% email open rates, your ad will be seen by 4,000 people on Facebook, each seeing YOUR AD

 5 TIMES per zone - that’s 20,000 total Facebook views per zone.

Custom Facebook Setup and Facebook ad design is included!