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Advanced SEO Boost

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing content to be discovered through a search engine’s organic search results.

The benefits are obvious: an increase in free, organic traffic to your website, month after month.

Advanced SEO

Since your Essential plan includes Basic SEO, you’re on your way to getting great results on Google, but if you want even better results, Advanced SEO will supercharge your page. Here are all the things included in this Advanced SEO:

  1. In-depth Keyword research 
  2. Competitor Analysis 
  3. Keyword densities change in page content. (main message + up to 10 blogs/articles) 
  4. Meta tags changes based on keyword research 
  5. Heading tag (H1-H6) additions based on keyword research 
  6. Alt tag changes based on keyword research 
  7. Keyword use in bold text 
  8. Add Internal Linking (to coupon, article, blog, etc.) 
  9. Minimize the trailing slashes in the URL 
  10. Submit page for indexing on Google and Bing 
  11. Add “ShareThis” (social sharing menu) and Bookmark on 10 networks 
  12. Page submission to 10 Directories with keyword-rich anchor text 
  13. Article Submissions (1 article submitted to 10 article directories) OR 
  14. Press Release Submissions (1 press release submitted to 10 press release websites) OR 
  15. Blog Submissions (1 blog post submitted to 10 blog directories) 
  16. One Way back links with mix PR

  • Email associated with your Essential plan
  • You are choosing the Advanced SEO Boost. We will enable it for your account and your credit card will be charged the one-time setup fee of $500 + $125 per month recurring charge..

Facebook Boost

Once someone opens the email, they view YOUR CUSTOM AD 5 TIMES on Facebook - appearing in their Facebook timeline feed.

Based on an average 10% email open rates, your ad will be seen by 4,000 people on Facebook, each seeing YOUR AD

 5 TIMES per zone - that’s 20,000 total Facebook views per zone.

Custom Facebook Setup and Facebook ad design is included!